Hart Range

The Hart range caters for all markets, and offers a number of finishes from high polish to emeried with the option of different handles. The material thickness ranges from 0.7 mm to a 4 mm heavy quality material. Hendler & Hart uses only the best quality, A Grade 1200 Alloy which is 99.5% pure Aluminium.


Aluminium has many attributes, a number of which benefit the cookware market, such as:

LOW MASS – A key ingredient when one considers transport and handling

GOOD STRENGTH – Particularly after forming which helps prevent denting and other defects

DUCTILITY – It is extremely malleable and lends itself well to the stringent drawing and forming processes required of it in the manufacturing of cookware

CORROSION RESISTANCE – 1200 alloy is mostly used in the manufacturing of aluminium pots and pans and is highly resistant to most forms of corrosion. The metals natural coating of Aluminium Oxide provides a highly effective barrier to the ravages of air, temperature and moisture. It does not rust

HIGH THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY – Aluminium's thermal conductivity is four times that of steel and eight times that of cast iron and proves extremely useful where applications involving heating and cooling are concerned. For this reason aluminium is also used in the base of all stainless steel cookware

FINISH – Aluminium looks good in its natural finish

TEMPERATURE – Aluminium can be used up to 260 degrees centigrade and does not fracture or become brittle

TOTALLY RECYCLABLE – Environmentally responsible with no downgrading of its qualities